Dance for Parkinson's Testimonials

“Ruth’s class gives me the opportunity to participate in a true art form that makes me feel stronger and more relaxed. I’m proud to be a part of a dance troupe with such a graceful teacher who helps us all learn and perform lovely choreography. Her dedication to improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s inspires me to do my best. I look forward eagerly to every session she teaches!”   Ruth Kupfer, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“From the first day I walked in as a caregiver, Ruth made me feel welcome. Ruth’s energy and passion for the class make it fun. Her instructions are clear and she encourages everyone to participate at the level they are able. The participant with whom I attend has gained confidence, strength, balance and coordination thanks to Ruth’s dance class.”   Mary L, Dance for Parkinson’s Caregiver

“Dear Ruth and team, I watch Paul’s back straighten, his posture improve, as he dances with you in your Zoom classes. He is mentally engaged, and so motivated to participate in your class. Thank you so much for working on flexibility, movement, musicality, expression, and voice. Getting out of the chair has become very difficult for him and your ascending and descending from the chair dances have helped him with this task as his Parkinson’s battle continues. We both look forward to the engagement and interaction, and mental as well as physical involvement. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity to dance with you on Zoom!”   Paul and Carol Glancy, Dance for Parkinson’s Participants

“Judy and I did two of your videos yesterday. We both love what you do and admire you for doing it. We love learning more about dance in-depth, as opposed to just admiring it from a distance.”   Ronald Huff and Judy Fuehrer, Dance for Parkinson’s and Movement & Music Participants, Brentwood Estates

“By the end of class each time I was walking on my own and without my walker just as if I weren’t suffering from this terrible malady. Dancing for Parkinson’s has to be the best thing for people like me. I was sorry when the class was over. Thanks to Ruth for all her help.”   Carolyn Johnsen, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“Ruth treats each person in the class — the Parkinson’s clients and their accompanying caregivers — as capable of meaningful expression through movement. By practicing real dance warmup moves, the members of her class get an insight into what modern dance is about, from the viewpoint of a professional modern dancer. As an instructor trained in the Dance for Parkinson’s approach, Ruth has a unique way of making her class feel like a choreographed team, while paying close attention to the challenges facing each individual member. ‘There is no bad dancing,’ she says, as she shows you how to get better.”   David Fowler, Dance for Parkinson’s Caregiver 

“The first day I showed up for Ruth’s class I had terrible anxiety. She put me at ease right from the start. She really cares about people with Parkinson’s.  While some of my buddies kid me, my grown children have noticed quite a difference in me. I wear shorts even in the winter months (more pockets make it easier for me to carry my pills, phone, etc.)  I used to have skinned up knees all the time from falls. Ruth’s class has given me great tips on balance and how to stand up without falling.  My kids have noticed a difference in my knees…no more skinned up knees.  Thank you, Ruth, for all you do.”   Gary Johnson, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“The Dance for Parkinson’s program produced by Ruth Davidson Hahn provides an excellent rhythmic dance alternative to the typical exercise programs. Members of the PD community often arrive with a shuffling gait, contracted movements, poor balance and difficulty rising from a chair. At the end of each session, we leave with a better stride, more flowing movements, better balance and the ability to rise. Our renewed self-confidence is observable. I have personally found Dance for Parkinson’s to be very important to my own PD movement challenges and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”   Judy L. Johnson, Facilitator Lincoln Parkinson’s Disease Support Group and Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“The class is amazing the way it keeps you active and moving. It helps tone the muscles.”   Wanda Milton, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“The class seems to access real wisdom in my body. When I move more freely, which always happens by the end of class, it makes me a more free person in every way. As a retired cellist who loves music, I have a deep appreciation for the level of artistry that Ruth brings to our expanding awareness. Her 100% commitment and love of dance/life inspires us all. I highly recommend participating.”   Cecilia Rossiter, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“It is wonderful to be part of the class. The instructor makes it fun, encouraging and supportive, and works with us on our flexibility, range of movement, memory and balance. It’s nice to have a dance class that helps me forget about having Parkinson’s for an hour and a half.”   Jane Firestone, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“My wife and I have discovered Dance for Parkinson’s to be an experience in care, encouragement, and true kindness beyond all expectations.  It is a source of hope, confidence in movement and friendship.”   Larry and Nancy Forsberg, Dance for Parkinson’s Participants

“This class gave me a new outlook to PD. When I started I was so stiff throughout my body. The class teaches how to use your muscles. Reaching high, low, side to side, up and down became easier. We learned how to get out of a chair, which was huge for me. Ruth allows you to move at your own pace. She gives encouragement, new skills and makes you smile.”  Jerre Kirchhoff, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“Using guided imagery, improvisation, and carefully designed dance movements, Ruth Davidson Hahn has created an enchanting world of movement for Lincoln’s Parkinson’s population.  Professionally trained in NYC, and a former member of the Mark Morris Dance Group,  Hahn uses Morris’ “Dance for PD Program.” In a highly social and motivating environment, she  teaches a weekly movement dance class for anyone challenged by movement disorders including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and PD. Hahn engages the mind, body, heart, and creates within her dancers the ability to move freely, with joy, with a youthful enthusiasm.  Hahn’s teaching is inclusive of all abilities, supports good Parkinson’s management, and is totally engaging. What an amazing asset Hahn is to the Lincoln scene, and to all her dance students, and their caregivers.”  Paul and Carol Glancy, Dance for Parkinson’s Participants