Movement & Music Testimonials

“Judy and I did two of your videos yesterday. We both love what you do and admire you for doing it. We love learning more about dance in-depth, as opposed to just admiring it from a distance.”   Ronald Huff and Judy Fuehrer, Dance for Parkinson’s and Movement & Music Participants, Brentwood Estates

“What a delightful class. I always wanted to take dance classes as a child and I never had the opportunity. Now I have a professional dancer that makes classes so much fun and is giving me the opportunity to learn several kinds of dance. I love the classes and I’m looking forward to the summer session. Thank you Ruth and Aging Partners.”    Karen Allsman, Movement & Music Participant, Aging Partners

“I really enjoy the Movement & Music program. I think it is bringing out my “inner dancer”! The instruction is excellent and while there is no pressure to get it right, it feels good when that happens. The music is enjoyable and there is a good variety. It is a very pleasurable hour and I always feel good when it is over.”    Mary Burrow, Movement & Music Participant, Aging Partners

“Ruth Davidson Hahn’s Movement & Music program that focuses on Dance for Parkinson’s and Dementia has proven to be very beneficial for the residents within our community. I am blessed to have the opportunity to observe Ruth with our residents. I was absolutely astounded by the level of engagement she brought to the table. Working with dementia residents can be challenging but she made it look so effortless. I am also looking forward to bringing her into an upcoming community that we will be opening here in Lincoln very soon. I believe this program is outstanding and a great benefit to the residents of our community. I hope her program may continue to grow so that she is able touch and benefit many others struggling with this disease.”    Suzy Nootz MSN, RN, Executive Director, CountryHouse Residence for Memory Care

“Ruth is a wonderful dance teacher! I enjoy the relaxing and interactive atmosphere she creates when she teaches us Movement & Music. The social aspect is delightful and the congeniality of dancing in a group is very beneficial to our community. She gets us moving in all kinds of ways and it’s surprising how much we are able to do. We do more types of movements in this class than we do in other exercise classes. Her choices of music are excellent and energizing. The music helps us to move freely and with more ease. The fact that the class includes everyone regardless of their mobility is a very positive part of the program. I know it builds confidence in my ability to move and I see it does the same for others in the class. I am 89 years young and by the end of class I am more connected to my body, more motivated to move, and filled with enthusiasm and joy.”   Marian Krause, Movement & Music Participant, The Lexington Assisted Living Center

“Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful program for our Residents.  I saw a lot of smiles and participation from some that don’t participate in many other activities.”   Brenda Potter, Life Enrichment Assistant, GracePointe Assisted Living and Memory Care Suites